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Protect My.Family is intended to be the go to site for both information and products that focus completely on protecting children and families. We are there for you when you find yourself  dealing with  divorce or bullying to inoculating you from hazards in the community such as child abductors and pedifiles. The services  and products we recommend have been screened and used by us directly.  
Dr. David Bernstein 

Dr. Bernstein is the Senior Forensic Psychologist and facilitator with ProtectMy.Family. He has held appointments at Yale University School of Medicine, where he completed his doctoral internship, and Harvard University Medical School, where he completed his postdoctoral residency in Forensic Psychology in the Department of Law and Psychiatry. He consults with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies on cases ranging from bomb threats and organized crime, to homicide, and has done training workshops nationally for law enforcement agencies including the American Association of Police Polygraphist, and the FBI’s National Training Academy. Dr. Bernstein has been embedded in the field with law enforcement during operations when his help and expertise was seen as being needed on scene.

​​​​​​​Dr. Bernstein is the recipient of the 2014 Connecticut Psychological Associations, President’s Award, and is the former President (2012-2014) of the Connecticut Psychological Association’s Forensic Division.  He serves on the Editorial Board for The International Journal of Forensic Science and Pathology, and is the former vice president of The Northeast Chapter of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP). He was also named one of the best legal consultants in the Connecticut Law Tribune’s 2016 “Best of” issue. 


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